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Build A powerful personal brand that's impactful, influential
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SO THAT YOU ARE SEEN online AS THE EXPERT, building Influence & ELEVATing OTHERS!

increase your visibility to increase your impact!

in 7 days implement these simple steps to Boost your visibility and amplify your personal brand

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what we will cover!

DAY 1 - Your ideal avatar

We start this awesome challenge on Day.1 by identifying exactly who your dream clients and customers are and then learning how you can take your knowledge and experiences to build systems that will change your life and the lives of your audience.

DAY 2 - First impressions takes only seconds

We dive into how you can turn your online introduction into a magnet for potential clients and new connections. We look at transforming key areas of your profile into hotspots with a clear message.  

DAY 3 - become content with your content

Come to enjoy posting content instead of it becoming a chore? Today we’ll share the system we use to create ideas, plan and produce content. You will learn a process to create a strategy unique to you and allow you to be steps ahead.

DAY 4 - place yourself in pole position

Today we look at why it’s important to put yourself in 1st place within your market and how to do it with the tools you already have. With so many people out there, doing what you do, this is key to your visibility online.

Day 5 - DOn't do social, be social

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Today we break down the real reason people will ultimately work with you and the ways you can make it work for you. WIN:WIN

Day 6 - easy systems to stay ahead

How do you stay ahead with brand creation. Today we share our workflow from content creation, sharing, reviewing and scheduling This will help you grow and scale your visibility.

DAY 7 - The missing piece of the pie

Day 7 is the final piece of the puzzle, the glue that makes everything else stick and keep you motivated to continue serving.

Lets Go !

Boost Your Personal Brand!

Join me over 7 days and implement these simple steps to Boost your visibility and amplify your personal brand

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Questions Answered

Is this the full challenge?

Yes, This is a full challenge designed to support you but also challenges you to take action and get results.

What makes this Challenge different to others?

This is for entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches and conscious creators who are trying to break-through and show up authentically online. These are quick techniques that can make the difference used and tested.

Can I network with other members of the course?

Yes, I invite all members, like minded conscious entrepreneurs to connect and support each other as they build their brand like yourself.

What If I miss a day?

All the videos are available inside your online portal so you can watch and review them when its convenient for you.

Are there daily tasks to do?

Yes, There are daily tasks based on the content. Some days have additional downloadable documents to support you, which will be available with the video inside the online portal.

ok, I'm in, what do I do now?

Awesome, just hit the button below to get started!

Your Brand Coach

supporting you along the way!


Alex Springer is a Creative Director, Brand Coach, Strategist & Photographer. A leader out to positively impact lives globally!Here to support you and empower you to take what you already know, package it and share it, making a positive impact, influence others and make an income!


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"Alex, how do i know this is for me?"


"Within 10 minutes, we had a base strategy on how to build on my current clients and also a fresh approach to the aesthetics of my brand!" Awesome!
Mariam - MM.Fit
High Performance Coach,
Body Transformation Specialist. London
Confused with the direction I was taking my brand, I couldn't start until Alex helped me find a way to merge my personal brand and profession!
Speaker / Civil Engineer
Abu Dhabi
I found so much clarity on the call, learn't practical skills and Alex shared his powerful implementation tips!! He is truly gifted as a brand coach!
Life Coach
I wanted to start a podcast, and Alex quickly suggested equipment mics, software etc, Plus brand direction - 2 Weeks, it was live on Apple iTunes!
WBFF World Champion / Firefighter

It's been a long time coming, however, boost your brand is here !

Since the beginning of the lockdown in 2020 I wanted to create this but for some reason or another it didn’t happen and I held onto the knowledge with fear, however a greater fear was that with each day that passes I lose another day where my knowledge and expertise could help someone, could change a life or simply add a smile and so here it is!

BOOST YOUR BRAND is not only about your business or your personal brand, but about you! So, uncover your potential, package your expertise and share it with the world!

All that we need at times is a little BOOST and believe me this, is sure to be one!