What Is A Brand Story

Once upon a time it was only about a campaign and the impact but brand stories are more than just seen, they are felt.

Brand Story is more than just a story, beginning middle and end and we all live happily ever after.

When you walk into an apple store you don’t just see tech you feel something different to walking into any other store on the high street.

So what is a brand story? Well its more than your logo, website and brochure of images, its not just what you deliver, but what they believe about you. This will based on everything you put out from colours, to messages, to the staff and warehouse or store layout.

The story is a combination of all elements, fact, feelings and interpretations which means that its the part that isn’t told by you.

In today’s world if you want to build a great business that lasts and becomes a much loved brand you have to begin with your story and I believe that this is one area that whether your a huge company with 1000s of employees or a start up, you are can share an amazing story that creates connection and clarity to create loyalty for your brand.

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