Tips for Amazing Portrait Photography

Photography Tips for amazing portraits

Check online and your sure to find a wealth of knowledge from camera settings to how to keep puppies to keep still.
Many photographers upgrade to the latest cameras in hope that it will improve their photography, but the difference between amateur and professional portraits is wide ranging, so I’ve put together a handful of essential tips for any photographer to know!

Whether your out an out taking shots of friends, family strangers or strollers these tips will help you.

1.Aperture Info
When shooting portraits, its best to use a wide aperture (from f2.8-f/5.6) to capture the subject in detail and stands out from the blurry background with a shallow depth of field.
Is possible to shoot in aperture priority and depend on your DSLR to select the best shutter speed, or use Manuel mode and select your own.
Some specialist lenses like the 85mm or 50mm have even wider maximum apertures (from f/1.4 to f/2.8) which blurs out the background in bokeh-liscious delight!!

2.Shutter Speed Settings
I’ve heard that a general rule is to make sure the shutter speed is higher than your focal length. For example, at 200mm asa a 1/250 sec speed or faster.
It won’t help if the subject is moving around quickly but some DSLRs and lenses have anti-vibration system. Some brand have this on the lens and others systems built in to the camera body.

3.Build Rapport
The aim is to get amazing photos and when your model is comfortable it makes it so much easier. Take time to chat with your subject before the shoot. Meet up get to know each other, plan the shoot ahead and share your ideas.
once the shoot begins, offer direction and give them a chance to see the development of photos which builds confidence and let them know how to make each movement and position better.

Simple is nice but don’t be lazy, build your compositions. Use your environment, create the scene, build the story, atmosphere, layer physical elements. Zoom in then zoom out.
Create and explore!

I say that photography i the relationship between light and darkness. Use it to create your image.
Firstly when doing portrait photography increasing the ISO can help, especially outdoors with small light changes. Another great tool would be to use a reflector, to bounce the sunlight or diffuse the sunlight if its to bright!
Reflectors are awesome and some come with layers, one gold, which creates a warm glow, silver to reflect/bounce the light and white to softly bounce.

With these 5 elements I hope that you have fun, explore and create some amazing images!
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