Dropbox – Dropping bombs!

As a photographer and creative in this digital age speed is ever so important and having the capability, a place online to share and display your images between devices is important. Whats also important is delivering those images to your clients in a fast and accessible format.

Dropbox is one service which allows you to do just that. Store and share images and other files online.

**TopTip – Get extra space by inviting others to dropbox from your account

Dropbox is a great platform it allows you to create folders, sub-folders and easy photo galleries and then create and share a link directly to that folder, to view and download. You can also create links that expire after a chosen amount of days and even password protect the folder, just incase someone else happens to receive the link. All images can be uploaded and viewed at full resolution to.

I recommend using a URL link shortener like bitly.com to create a link that is short and could go on a flyer prior to an event for visitors to view the images after. Short URLs also help when your limited to a number of characters in your tweets to.

Having your images on a platform like dropbox allows you to move on from image hosting platforms and also not load 100s of images to your website, so in turn speed up its loading time and its also a great place to back-up files, just in -case.

Once you create an account you have the option to download the software to your machine but the best thing is that once your images are online, they synchronise and become viewable via all your devices.

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